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Damon Albarn of Gorillaz discussing Glee on Q

One of my favourite quotes this year was from Damon Albarn discussing why Gorillaz will never appear on Glee:

"It's a homogenization of everything and it ultimately will lead to emptiness."

His point being that young musicians should avoid writing for TV shows and write their own material since covering songs will not allow you to form your own identity and may make you beholden to TV producers.

The discussion was with Jian Ghomeshi while appearing on Q:

Damon Albarn on Q

A lot of the extended interview talks about their creative process, loosely about celebrity, and what it means for Gorillaz to be successful.


Just reading what I think is an important article about the maturity (read adolescence) of the web as a medium for art and ideas. Jonathan Harris presented this at a conference on Flash but I think what he is saying makes sense in many contexts. I think this quote is particularly noteworthy:

“There is a long-standing unspoken pact between tools and their owners, which says that tools should disappear the moment you stop needing them. This is the way that pencils, hammers, and leaf-blowers behave. But many of our technological devices – iPods, cellphones, laptops, Blackberries – have violated this pact and overstepped their boundary, asserting themselves onto the lives of their owners, becoming constant distractions.”

OS X desktop organization

Last night I created a new desktop wallpaper style that I think I'm going to stick with. Essentially you divide your important icons/items up using vertically striped wallpaper the width of each column. Here's a visual so that it all makes sense:

 This is what my desktop currently looks like

I was inspired by a tip at the Action Method website. While the tip is used to support their own system for getting things done, I think the basic idea is very good. I added labels just to be clear: work, personal dev, and personal fun. Work is for files that come to me for work. Personal dev is for items that are for personal development or personal projects; things like my updated resume, blogs ideas, todo, and web designs. Personal fun is for items that are just for fun. For me this includes photography ideas, music to download, music sent to me, and fun photos. Also, the far right column that contains my drives serves as kind of an inbox for newly downloaded files that aren't sorted yet.

The text at the left of the screen is what is contained in my todo file. While it's kind of nerdy to have text on your desktop, I find it is a more accessible way of actually realizing what is in my todo file. The program that creates this text is called GeekTool.

For icons in the top right taskbar, from left to right, iScrobbler, iBiz, Twitterific, and Caffeine. iScrobbler is for integration with iTunes. iBiz is for time tracking. Twitterific is for desktop notifications from twitter (which I will probably remove soon as it drives me crazy). Caffeine is probably the most useful. It lets you turn off your screensaver and screen dim, and that may sound like a small thing, but it's nice for when youtube videos are playing.

For those interested in pursuing this further, here is a PSD of the wallpaper.

Shared Photography Space

I'd really like to set up a shared photography studio here in Vancouver. Ideally, we could get a group of people together and find a space where we could keep a few props and set up a comfortable working environment. I'd like to encourage collaboration while respecting private working time when needed.

I have set a budget at $100/month. I'd like to rent a space by the month in order to save some money. A studio rental is about $25+/hour (Focal Point is nice) and typical studio time would be up to about 4 hours, and, 4 times a month, that's already $400. I know I've set my budget kind of low, but I'm hoping that if I can get the right people, and enough people, we can make this happen.

I would want to use the space one night per week and if the opportunity comes up, I would like to help out other photographers. This could mean helping someone less experienced, collaborating with someone for a shared idea, or assisting with someone who just needs an extra hand.

I took a quick look on craigslist, and here are some photo specific spaces available right now:

Personally, I think that separating home from studio will encourage me to keep working, playing, and learning. I'd really like to see some collaboration and I hope this post can start something. Any input would be appreciated, if you're interested let me know.

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